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The Great Ustinov Idea – globally engaged for children, education and against prejudice.

In addition to our aid projects, we are also active in the field of education in collaboration with Ustinov College Durham in UK and work closely with the Ustinov Institute in Vienna to promote a culture of respect. Sir Peter and Igor Ustinov's great idea of countering prejudice with education and creativity thus lives on worldwide and is supported by the many partners of the Ustinov Network.

Sir Peter Ustinov Schools:

7 Schools in Germany with a great name.

The Peter Ustinov School in Berlin Charlottenburg takes the form of an integrated secondary school (ISS). European, modern and contemporary, this school places great value on openness, understanding, humour and fun in learning. Since 2017/2018, the Peter Ustinov School has been awarded the title "Excellent European Education". Special highlights: bilingual teaching, workshops for wood, metal and textiles, a teaching kitchen and theatre as a school subject.

The Peter Ustinov School in Eckernförde is a comprehensive school where all school-leaving qualifications can be obtained. The central aim of the lessons is to support the pupils in developing their abilities. Material and social skills are not only indispensable for later careers, but they also help the children in their private lives, in mastering everyday challenges and in forming their personalities. This prepares them for participation in later social and political life and so turns them into mature citizens.

The Peter Ustinov School in Essen is a community primary school with an open all-day programme. The schoolyards, which have been redesigned to create a playground in motion, offer the children plenty of space to climb and play, explore their surroundings and learn. With the 2012/2013 school year, the school opened up for "joint learning" and currently supports 19 children with various special educational resources.

Since the 2016/17 school year, the Peter Ustinov School in Hanover has been a secondary school with part-time full-day classes on three days of the week. The school is proud to be a colourful, multicultural school: Teachers and staff are also bilingual and help, explain, translate and support in Arabic, Bulgarian, German, English, French, Greek, Kurdish, Kurmanci, Persian/Dari, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Sorani, Spanish, Turkish and Urdu.

The Peter Ustinov School in Hude works with a diverse programme tailored to pupils. On the one hand, the pupils and their individual abilities are the focus of educational support – on the other hand, social skills are also promoted through preventative measures and consistent adherence to and enforcement of the rules and agreements that apply at the school. The Peter Ustinov School in Hude sees itself as a European school and is firmly committed to this theme. There are exchange programmes with Poland and France, and more are planned with Italy and Lithuania.

The Peter Ustinov School is a secondary school in Cologne that supports pupils in their personal development and offers them the opportunity to independently recognise their weaknesses and strengths. In the spirit of peaceful coexistence and the spirit of European integration, it is particularly important that the future co-creators of this society not only consider their own feelings, needs and interests in interpersonal relationships, but also those of others.

The Peter Ustinov Comprehensive School has existed since 1982 and has developed into an important pillar of the Monheim school landscape with its secondary levels I and II. The Peter Ustinov School in Monheim sees itself as a colourful school where everyone can find a place and develop according to their abilities. In addition to a focus on "health", "educational equity" and "media education" play a major role in the school concept.

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