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The goal

A peaceful coexistence for the children of our world

  • Sir Peter Ustinov was convinced that prejudices are learned and can also be unlearned – as was project partner Creative Change e. V.
  • Creative Change e. V. is a non-profit organisation that, with its project ActNow22, has set itself the goal of reducing any kind of existing prejudice between people in order to enable peaceful interaction.
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The project

Using drama to achieve more interpersonal skills

  • ActNow22 has been designed to be a project week for schools and is a combination of interactive theatre and political education.
  • In 2022, the Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation sponsored ActNow22 project week at two Frankfurt schools, the Ebelfeld School and the Anne Frank School.
  • The pupils learned and practised how to deal with challenges in an entertaining way that was appropriate to their age.
  • The use of peer counselling aims to expand the participants' behavioural repertoire. By consulting each other, participants jointly develop approaches to solutions and consequently expand their skills towards reflecting in a structured way during problem situations and solving future challenges on their own.
  • The theatre education method enables low-threshold access to complex topics.
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The success

A project week that creates enthusiasm.

  • Children who took part in the ActNow22 project week were enthusiastic about it and found the four days of the project week very interesting.
  • The children positively emphasised that they were able to say what they thought during the project, that they learned a lot of new things and that the project made them feel better prepared to deal with the issues discussed and to stand up against prejudices.
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