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Indien | Internat St. Augustine, Patenschaftskreis Indien e.V.

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The goal

Strong children with a strong future.

  • Giving children the strength to create a self-determined future – that‘s the goal of the St. Augustin boarding school in the diocese of Khandwa, which is located in the municipality of Sipur in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.
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The project

Opportunities and future prospects for disadvantaged children.

  • Together with the Indian Sponsorship Circle e. V., the Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation has been supporting the St. Augustine boarding school since spring 2022.
  • Madhya Pradesh is one of the least developed and poorest regions in India.
  • The Adivasis and Dalits, who are outside the caste system, make up the majority of the local population. They are largely excluded from economic, cultural and social life in India.
  • The girls of the indigenous tribal population are particularly disadvantaged as they are considered inferior to boys and have no access to schooling.
  • Through the support of the Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation, 70 children between the ages of five and twelve are given the chance of a quality school education.
  • Their admission to the boarding school includes accommodation, secure medical care and education as well as regular meals to promote the children's healthy development into responsible individuals.
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The success

Fighting poverty with education.

  • Thanks to securing educational opportunities for the extremely disadvantaged, poverty-stricken children in the diocese of Khandwa, the project makes a significant contribution to improving the educational situation.
  • The increase in the school enrolment rate and the reduction in the school dropout rate has ultimately led to poverty reduction in the Madhya Pradesh region.
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