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Rumänien | Kinderhaus Sibiu, Kinderhilfe für Siebenbürgen e.V.

Hoffnung und Lächeln für Kinder mit Behinderung

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The goal

Supporting instead of hiding.

  • Bringing hope and smiles to the sad and dark situation in Romania is the mission of the Speranta si Zambet association, which the Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation has been supporting since the beginning of 2022.
  • People with disabilities are still severely disadvantaged in Romanian society. In the state-run homes, disabled children are kept in custody, hidden from the community and not supported.
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The project

Making children with disabilities part of society.

  • The German social worker Jenny Rasche took the initiative in 2003 and founded the association Speranta si Zambet – translated as "Hope and Smiles".
  • Six children with mental and psychological disabilities currently live in the association's children's home in Sibiu. The children grow up in a family-like structure with two responsible house mothers, additionally supervised by psychologists and psychiatrists.
  • Each child has a support plan and is supported as much as possible with playful activities.
  • All children also go to a special school, with staff regularly attending further training.
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The success

More acceptance with a lot of love.

  • The children's home is an alternative to a state-run home: here, children with disabilities are treated lovingly, increasing the acceptance of these special children.
  • At present, six children with mental and psychological disabilities live in the Sibiu Children's Home; expansion to twelve children is planned.
  • Children who are unable to live on their own later in life should also receive further support in the future, either in home-like structures or in supervised residential groups.
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