Nepal | Him Shikar Carène-Ustinov-Schule, Hilfe für Nepal e.V.

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Nepal | Him Shikar Carène-Ustinov-Schule, Hilfe für Nepal e.V.

Wiederaufbau der Schule nach verheerender Naturkatastrophe

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The goal

A new school for Nele.

  • In 2015, Nepal was shaken by a severe earthquake that almost completely destroyed the village of Nele.
  • Nele is located about 60 kilometres from Kathmandu and has 5,000 inhabitants, 600 of whom are school-age children who were taught in emergency tents after the earthquake.
  • In cooperation with the Swiss Carène Foundation and the association Hilfe für Nepal (Help for Nepal), among other things, a new school building was to be constructed, providing the children of Nele with education under reasonable conditions again.
  • In an unprecedented effort, Paul Metzner, a dedicated Swiss construction expert experienced in reconstruction, and Käthi Flümann from the association "Hilfe für Nepal", a mountain guide as well as the initiator of the project, have used their commitment and their big hearts for the future of the people of Nele.
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The project

Creating a place of learning together.

  • Under the supervision of Paul Metzner and with the drive of the people of Nele, the new school was built using the traditional construction methods of mud, stone and wood.
  • In addition, earthquake-proof supports were installed to protect the school building from the possibility of the next natural disaster.
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The success

A school, just like a school should be.

  • Nele's new school is now even bigger and more beautiful: it has eleven classrooms equipped with spacious wooden desks and benches.
  • The new building also finally has sanitary facilities with a total of six toilets.
  • There is now even a small house for the teacher, who previously had to live in a makeshift dwelling.
  • In addition to the school, almost 300 houses have been rebuilt with funds from the Help for Nepal Association, providing a safe and stable life for the people of Nele.
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