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Musikalische Bildung für jedes Kind

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The goal

To promote children's potential through music.

  • Music for every child – that is the mission of the music education project "Klangstrolche" in the socially deprived but culturally diverse district of Billstedt in Hamburg.
  • The project aims to give children access to music and to encourage them musically as early as possible.
  • Through elementary music education between the ages of six months and six years, the children will be able to better develop their potential and so receive greater educational opportunities.
  • In a multilingual district, children and their families find a common language in music.
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The project

With do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do into a world of sound.

  • Alongside the Culture Palace (Kultur Palast) Foundation Hamburg, the Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation has been sponsoring the "Klangstrolche" project since the beginning of July 2019.
  • More than 2,000 children are part of the project and regularly attend the Klangstrolch courses and come to the Culture Palace for concerts and workshops or to the Laeiszhalle for the summit conference.
  • Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do – these are the tone syllables that have been used to learn the steps of the musical scale since the Middle Ages. They are also the names of the Klangstrolche (sound trolls), who help even very young children make lifelong friends with the world of sound.
  • In order to do justice to the linguistic and cultural diversity of the district, music educators at the Culture Palace have developed their own language-independent method and had it protected as International Music Education (IME).
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The success

Music, music, music.

  • Children from socially deprived backgrounds, who would otherwise not come into contact with music lessons, are introduced to the world of music here.
  • In addition, educators, musicians and volunteers from renowned music education institutes are trained to become Klangstrolch teachers.
  • A specially developed textbook on Klangstrolche's IME method was published in 2022, with illustrations by Lotte Bräuning.
  • Monthly concerts, biannual Klangstrolche Conferences and the four Klangstrolch characters also ensure that all participants identify with the project.
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