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Bolivien | Mobile Kunstschule, Verein COMPA

Eine mobile Kunstschule für benachteiligte Kinder

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The goal

School as a kind and safe place.

  • The non-profit association COMPA works in the communities of El Alto and Achocalla in Bolivia and supports socially disadvantaged children and young people. Since 2017, there has also been a network of "Kind and Safe Schools", which now includes 22 institutions.
  • COMPA reaches around 11,000 primary and secondary school students and their parents with its activities each year.
  • To strengthen the creativity and participation of children and young people in the school network of the two municipalities, COMPA has developed a mobile art school to help increase the role of children in the school network.
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The project

Using artistic talent to combat everyday problems.

  • The "Comunidad de productores de artes" (COMPA) was founded in El Alto at the end of the 1990s and today represents popular art and culture from the streets of the Barrios Populares (the poor neighbourhoods) along with innovation, social participation and the promotion of artistic talents of young people.
  • It is a movement of young artists working for social change in Bolivia and the world.
  • The establishment of the COMPA mobile art school is an important building block in the creation of artistic and participatory educational structures that support children and young people in the formation of a stable and resilient personality.
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The success

Artistic productions that inspire.

  • A good example of the success of COMPA's work is the annual Teatro del Bolsillo (Trouser Pocket Theatre) festival, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2019.
  • Since 1999, small and large ensembles have presented their own plays or reinterpreted plays such as "The Little Prince".
  • In the anniversary year, 36 ensembles with 459 actors and actresses from the age of six took part. The festival is the largest in Bolivia and promotes the arts-based education of children and young people.
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