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The goal

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  • The SCOLA+ project in Ukraine aims to help children regain the educational opportunities lost during the coronavirus pandemic and war.
  • Many children have missed out on important learning due to absence from school.
  • SCOLA+ was launched to overcome this challenge.
  • The project provides targeted tutoring to enable children to catch up on missed learning.
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The project

Ukrainian refugee children receive a broad education in various subjects.

  • The project aims to provide Ukrainian refugee children in the safe villages of Bakosh and Botjowo in western Ukraine with a comprehensive education in a variety of subjects.
  • A total of 200 children receive a wide-ranging education in four schools.
  • Experienced teachers focus on STEM subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.
  • In addition, the children are offered a curriculum that also includes history and languages such as Ukrainian, English and Hungarian.
  • The aim is to provide not only a solid foundation in the scientific disciplines, but also a diverse educational environment that gives the children a broad perspective.
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The success

Wissensaufbau als Teil des Wiederaufbaus der Ukraine

  • The success of the project lies in the direct and immediate support it provides.
  • Schools in the region already had limited resources before the war. This project is helping to fill the gaps in education that have been caused.
  • Raising the level of knowledge is thus becoming a crucial element of the reconstruction process in Ukraine.
  • Our initiative aims to build a generation of young, curious and well-educated people who will not only be able to meet the challenges of the present, but who will also be able to help shape the future of their country in a positive way.
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